Rates and Charges:

Simple wedding and evening gowns and dresses
• These are gowns with some beading, embroidery or lace.
• Rental rates: $68-$188
• Refundable deposit: $100

Lux wedding and evening gowns
• These are gowns with complicated beading, embroidery or lace.
• Rental rates: $68-188
• Refundable deposit: $100

Other accessories:
• Veils
• Cancans
• Gloves
• Bridal jewellery

Other Services:
• Referrals of other wedding service providers
• Delivery to and collection of gowns from client at a fee. Subject to availability of transportation.

Terms and Conditions of Service:

  • Upon reservation of gown(s) and/or accessories, a non-refundable deposit of $100 of the rental must be paid. This will include steam ironing and any minor alterations (if applicable).
  • On day of collection of gown(s) and/or accessories, the balance of the rental fees must be paid.
  • Person(s) renting the gowns and/or accessories must sign the Gown/Accessories Rental/Service contract.
  • Gowns and/or accessories must be returned within 5 to 7 days after collection.
  • Person(s) renting the gown(s) and/or accessories must ensure proper care of gown(s) and/or accessories.
  • Just Gowns reserves the right to change any of its terms and conditions of service at anytime.
  • All the gowns are the properties of Just Gowns.
  • Just Gowns reserves the right to retain the damage garments whether they are partially or completely damaged.


1. Why rent from Just Gowns?
• We provide excellent service in choosing a gown that flatters
• Our rental rates are really affordable
• Rental includes dry-cleaning
• Hassle-free
• Wide range of gowns for your special occasion

2. What are the charges?
Generally our rental charges are not more than $388 plus a refundable security deposit of not more than $100, depending on the design and material of the gowns.

3. What does the rental include?
• The gown
• Minor alteration and steam ironing
• Dry-cleaning / Accessories / Cancan

4. Is there an alteration fee?
• No, alterations are included.

5. Do you deliver or collect gowns from customers?
Delivery and collection can be arranged at a fee. Contact us for details.

6. When do we make payment for rentals?
• To reserve a gown, client needs to put a non-refundable deposit of $100. This includes steam ironing of the gown and simple alterations to fit the client (if applicable).
• Collection of gown: the balance of the rental fees.

7. How long can we rent the gown for?
• A maximam of 5 to 7days.

8. What is considered ‘damage’ to the gown?
• Generally, a damaged return constitutes a change in the physical condition that is different than when first delivered to client, and not limited to tears or/and stains.
• A rip or/and a tear in the gown
• Stains, i.e. wine, chocolate, ink (from all kinds of pens), food (red and green curries, chilli, gravy, strong coloured spices), fruits (strawberry, mango, ‘ShanJu’, cherry etc)

9. What happens if gown/ dress/ kua (any rented item from Just Gowns) is damaged?
• Client needs to return gown to Just Gowns for inspection.
• If gown(s) and/or accessories is(are) damaged in any way, the refundable security deposit will be forfeited, ie. the refundable security deposit will NOT be returned.

10. What happens if gown/ dress/ kua is lost by the client?
• Client needs to make a police report for the missing item.
• Just Gowns will retain a photocopy of the police report made by the client.
• The refundable deposit will be forfeited, ie the refundable deposit will NOT be returned to client.

11. What are the payment terms?
We accept cash or Bank Transfer (ATM or Internet). NO NETS OR CREDIT CARD payment.